Unique Glass Floor

If you like bold solutions in the interior and are not afraid to experiment - the glass floor is just what you need! This stylish architectural accent is appropriate not only in shopping centers or nightclubs but also in private houses or duplex apartments.

Unique glass floor
Glass Floor
Advantages of glass floors:
glass floor
No material makes the interior as light and airy as glass. Even a small glass insert in the middle of the floor will make the room original and interesting. It can be transparent or filled with colored sand, shells and other decorative filler.

Expansion of space.
Glass floors give a feeling of infinite space and visually expand it. Owners of nightclubs and entertainment centers often refer to this architectural solution. For example, a glass floor with lighting can be the main focus of the entire interior.

Glass Floor

For the manufacture of the floor, the company uses triplex glass - these are several tempered glasses connected with a plastic film. It can withstand loads of 300 kg per square meter. The basis for the triplex can be concrete, wood, stainless steel or a combination of several materials. The whole structure is very reliable and durable so you can buy triplex for a room through which a large flow of people passes. On this floor, you can jump, run, dance, you can put heavy furniture and equipment on it.

Spectacular decor.
The glass floor offers unlimited possibilities for the most daring decor:

drawings on the glass;
filling with stones, sand, flowers and other elements;
LED lights;
an aquarium with fish in the space between the panes;
matte finish;
coated coating;
laser engraving.
You can customize the decor of the floor under the functions of the room. For example, in an office building, you can put a company logo on the glass. In the spa, transparent inserts with stones or sand will be appropriate.
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