Choose and install glass floor

Choose and install glass floor
Select and install glass floor
If you want to make an apartment or house not only comfortable but also beautiful, you just need to choose and install a glass floor - a modern design solution that combines functionality and aesthetics. To understand what glass floors are, whether they are needed and how to install them, it is worth getting closer to this technological solution.

Choose and install glass floor

The obvious advantages of glass floors
Every person has a pleasant view outside the window, which you can admire for hours. Glass floors can become a “window” to a fairy-tale world, where you can really embody any fantasy. At the request of the client, a bottomless abyss can open up under his feet, grow a magical forest or castle, since the installation of a glass floor is possible over any artistic composition and not only.

Depending on the preferences of the customer, it is possible to create a multi-component image, where artistic elements will be emphasized by illumination. When working with glass floors there are no restrictions on visualization, which is obvious and one of the main advantages of this design solution.

What types of glass floors exist?
First of all, the glass floor differs according to the type of material from which it is made. It may be:

organic glass - it is distinguished by high strength and low weight, sensitive to household chemicals;
silicate glass is a hard but fragile product. For floors suitable thick or laminated glass.
When choosing a type of glass, special attention should be paid to the characteristics of the room where the installation of glass floors will be carried out. If it is a kitchen, nursery, living room or other room with high traffic, located on the lower floors, it is better to stay on the silicate glass. Organics is perfect for bedrooms and offices.

By design features glass floors can be divided into the following types:

scale, that is, occupying the entire area of the room where it is installed. This option is perfect for the living room, nursery or kitchen. Having chosen it, it is possible to realize the most courageous fantasy, whether it be the sky under your feet, made by the method of photo printing, or the extravaganza of light from multi-colored diode lamps;
glass niches (shop windows). A great option for rooms where informal meetings or parties are held. Making glass floors of this type involves creating recesses in the floor where various decorative objects are placed, for example, dry flowers, minerals, and even sand, for those who want to be on a warm beach;
frosted and tinted floors. An excellent option for workplaces - strictly and tastefully;
backlit glass tapes. An excellent choice for decorative decoration of narrow long rooms. This option looks great in combination with other solutions, for example, with colored glass or floor with artistic composition, which also has a backlight.


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