Glass Floor

Glass Floors

Glass floors are some of the most elegant and visually impressive glazing products available, and while all of our glass solutions are exceptional, few of them better exhibit the innovation Glass Floors are famous for than our structural glass floors. Our glass floors are also some of our most versatile products, and they're a perfect home feature for those with a taste for the outstanding, and a keen eye for functionality.
Whatever your reason for choosing a glass floor, Glass Floors can and will accommodate you. We will work with you at every stage of the process, it doesn’t matter if you want a small simple floor panel to add elegance to a living room, or an opening glass floor design to transform the entrance to a basement or other space. We will listen, and we will create for you a personal, innovative design.
Our glass floor designs are so much more than simply a pleasant addition to a home: they offer countless benefits both practically and aesthetically. The options for customisation with a glass floor are endless, and the resulting impact for your property is immeasurable; they can provide your home with ventilation, flood spaces below with natural light, and provide insulation - all while adding an inimitable aesthetic quality.
Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a functional, visually stunning addition to your property, or an architect seeking a structurally secure and reliable installation to complement the aesthetic of your design, these glass floors deliver, time and time again. Always unique. Always spectacular. A structural glass floor by Glass Floors is one of the most effective ways to transform your home in luxury style.


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