The advantages of glass flooring:
• The embodiment of the original ideas of designers, there are no restrictions here. Glass floors make the room optically more spacious and airy.
• Reliability and durability. A glass floor made from high-quality material allows withstanding loads up to 400 kg per 1 square meter of the glass coating.

• Wide application. If earlier glass floors were used in the finishing of only fashionable clubs, discos, podiums, concert halls, VIP-restaurants, and hotels, then today they can be found in cottages, private houses and even apartments of multi-storied buildings.

• The possibility of built-in illumination. Usually, glass strips are carried out around the perimeter of the room, but options are also possible to “scatter” light islands over the entire floor or to completely fill the floor space with light effects.

• Hygiene and resistance to all kinds of effects. These are the most attractive qualities of glass. It is refractory, is not exposed to chemicals, moisture-resistant, does not accumulate dirt.

The disadvantages of glass flooring.

• The main disadvantage is the high cost of production and installation. But there is a tendency to price lowering because of the increasing demand for glass floors in the market, which leads to an increase in the number of specialists and manufacturers. Giovani Glass will offer you the best prices for the highest quality.
• Slippery surface. Technologists use all sorts of techniques, for example, sandblasting machines to solve this issue, giving the surface roughness.

• Vulnerability to scratching items. Scratches appear on glass much more often than on other finishing materials. Objects made of metal and other materials harder than glass may scratch glass floors. Naturally, because of this, the appearance loses its intactness and attractiveness.
In fact, all of the above advantages and disadvantages of glass floors are quite relative, like everything else in this world. Constant changes, improvements in the dynamically developing market of building materials lead to interesting solutions to the problems associated with the use of glass in flooring. At the same time, designers have more and more new ideas.
Glass floors - an original idea to break away from ordinary boring designs.

A glass floor can be a refined addition to the design of the room. Alongside with a guaranteed strength of the glass floor design, it also brings a touch of weightlessness and extraordinary lightness into the room. Absolutely safe and durable triplex is used for the manufacture of such floors. The thickness of the triplex is calculated so that the glass floor can withstand a load of at least 300 kg per square meter which is the key to safety.
Glass flooring has become popular in recent years. Most often it is installed in the interfloor overlap. This transparent fragment of the floor covering is called walkable glass because of its strength and stability, contributing to a high degree of permeability.

The illuminated glass floor gives the space a playful architectural look, but also offers a number of other important advantages.
As it is already said, the glass floor looks very beautiful, but this is not the most important reason why people install the glass floor. But why? There are two very big advantages that a glass floor can offer to space, namely, the visual expansion of a room or space and light.
The glass floor is made of special tempered glass, so it is durable and resistant to stress. But often people find this kind of decor a bit dangerous to start walking on it without fear. Is it strong enough? Can it crack easily? Giovani Glass specialists will provide all responses. To ensure that fears do not materialize, it is very important to trust professionals. To ensure the safety of the glass we need a steel structure. We also use tempered laminated glass with a thickness of up to 5 cm, which is quite durable. The glass during manufacture is specially processed to acquire enhanced properties to the loads and the effects of chemicals. You can put a decor inside the glass in the form of photographic images, shells, stones, beads and other trifles. Finally, you can simply apply frosted glass when it comes to intimate rooms.

Tempered glass is a fairly popular material and widely used for stairs. Glass stairs can significantly change the interior of any room. Despite the fact that glass is a rather fragile material, various modern technologies make it possible to use it also in the manufacture of stairs.
Glass railing as well as modern glass staircases are used with great success in the interiors of offices, shopping centers, banks, boutiques and supermarkets, business and sports centers, swimming pools, and so on. Also, glass stairs are very often installed in cottages, private houses and luxury apartments.

The design of the glass staircases will also allow you to achieve an original interior result that will highlight the features of the modern style of the room. Glass stairs are also considered quite safe because the tempered glass does not form sharp cutting fragments when damaged. The big advantage is that such products will not cause harm to human health.
Have you decided to create a glass project? Then you will need to use the appropriate type of glass with the application of various images. Giovani Glass provides only the best designers choice of glass, thanks to which the specialist can create a beautiful, original and unique project. If necessary, you can order glass cutting to individual sizes in order to install it in a prepared and planned place. We will always fulfill all customer requirements, which will help create an unusual look of the room.

To temper the glass our employees use only high-quality and professional equipment that helps to get an excellent result. We cooperate with small and fairly large companies. Always ready to offer the best prices, as well as the use of pleasant discounts, allowing significant savings!

During the renovation many owners of houses and commercial facilities try to use as unusual materials as possible, which would make the interior of the room different from others. Glass flooring is just one of these materials because it looks quite original. And if earlier glass floors were a wonder, today it is easy to get them - you can do this, for example, by contacting Giovani Glass.

The company has a big experience in the production of various glass products.
The glass floor consists of several separate layers, which are held together with a special film. It can be of several types, and the performance of the finished material largely depends on the type of film. The top layer should always be very resistant to loads and various damages, therefore, it is made of durable tempered glass.

Valuable glass floor features
Using glass as a floor covering may not seem very attractive because glass is immediately associated with fragility. However, due to its multi-layer nature glass floor is very durable and can withstand a load of several hundred kilograms. Of course, in a room with such a floor you need to be careful, try not to drop heavy objects, etc., but with a frugal attitude glass will remain beautiful for many years.
Glass is not afraid of aggressive chemicals, moisture and temperature fluctuations, so such floor can be safely made in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Glass floor will greatly facilitate regular cleaning because it will not absorb dirt and dust, and you can use various detergents to wash it.

The glass floor looks very nice in both classic and more modern interiors. Illuminated floors, which can often be seen in restaurants, cafes and clubs, are very popular. Illumination gives a unique effect, and in combination with skillfully selected furniture and decorative objects the luminous floor becomes even more impressive.