Choose and install glass floor
Select and install glass floor
If you want to make an apartment or house not only comfortable but also beautiful, you just need to choose and install a glass floor - a modern design solution that combines functionality and aesthetics. To understand what glass floors are, whether they are needed and how to install them, it is worth getting closer to this technological solution.

Choose and install glass floor

The obvious advantages of glass floors
Every person has a pleasant view outside the window, which you can admire for hours. Glass floors can become a “window” to a fairy-tale world, where you can really embody any fantasy. At the request of the client, a bottomless abyss can open up under his feet, grow a magical forest or castle, since the installation of a glass floor is possible over any artistic composition and not only.

Depending on the preferences of the customer, it is possible to create a multi-component image, where artistic elements will be emphasized by illumination. When working with glass floors there are no restrictions on visualization, which is obvious and one of the main advantages of this design solution.

What types of glass floors exist?
First of all, the glass floor differs according to the type of material from which it is made. It may be:

organic glass - it is distinguished by high strength and low weight, sensitive to household chemicals;
silicate glass is a hard but fragile product. For floors suitable thick or laminated glass.
When choosing a type of glass, special attention should be paid to the characteristics of the room where the installation of glass floors will be carried out. If it is a kitchen, nursery, living room or other room with high traffic, located on the lower floors, it is better to stay on the silicate glass. Organics is perfect for bedrooms and offices.

By design features glass floors can be divided into the following types:

scale, that is, occupying the entire area of the room where it is installed. This option is perfect for the living room, nursery or kitchen. Having chosen it, it is possible to realize the most courageous fantasy, whether it be the sky under your feet, made by the method of photo printing, or the extravaganza of light from multi-colored diode lamps;
glass niches (shop windows). A great option for rooms where informal meetings or parties are held. Making glass floors of this type involves creating recesses in the floor where various decorative objects are placed, for example, dry flowers, minerals, and even sand, for those who want to be on a warm beach;
frosted and tinted floors. An excellent option for workplaces - strictly and tastefully;
backlit glass tapes. An excellent choice for decorative decoration of narrow long rooms. This option looks great in combination with other solutions, for example, with colored glass or floor with artistic composition, which also has a backlight.

Glass Aprons
For us, the kitchen is not just a place where we eat and prepare food. Here at the end of the working day, the whole family gathers to exchange news or to meet guests. The kitchen is the first thing the guest pays attention to, judging by the owner of the house. The room serves as a kind of business card throughout the apartment. Therefore, it should look stylish and fashionable.

Glass aprons have a lot of advantages:
they allow you to create a unique interior. For a basis, you can take your favorite family photo, a pet picture, a picture found on the Internet or a unique designer decor. Drawing is applied by a photo printing method on the glass. An apron can be the starting point from which the design of the entire room will emanate. It will be a unique "chip" of the entire room. But do not forget about high-quality lighting. When ordering an individual design, you can be sure that you will not find one with your neighbors or friends. 
Glass can be mounted on top of other finishes - wallpaper, masonry and more. This greatly speeds up installation. I
This decor is not afraid of moisture, fat, and steam, which are often allocated when cooking.
Glass aprons cover the entire surface of the wall. There will be no more annoying joints of plates in which microbes and kitchen grease accumulate. The maximum length of the whole glass that you can order is more than 3 meters. It is easy to care for him. Soft cloth and gentle cleanser will help to cope with any contamination.
For the apron is used durable glass, it is not afraid of damage and shock. Its edges are protected by special profiles, so the material is absolutely safe to order even for houses where there are small children.
Immediately after installation (which, by the way, will pass without dust),
you can begin to work in the kitchen. No need to wait until something dries.
Trust the professionals
When choosing this decorative element, rely on professionals. They will prompt the best solutions for your home. 
Glass Aprons

Glass decor near the kitchen space. A kitchen apron has long become a daily necessity rather than an element of luxury. Thanks to the different options both in terms of design and decoration, you can choose for yourself your own, unique apron.

Glass kitchen apron - effective and practical
order a kitchen apron.
Glass Decor
Ceramic tiles for the kitchen, with all the wealth of collections - this is still a serial product. Ornaments made from it to some extent repeated and boring. But the finish of the walls above the hob or the entire working area, made of tempered glass, gives the kitchen an original and non-standard look. 

Kitchen aprons made of glass have all the advantages of facing ceramic tiles, but they are completely devoid of its drawbacks.

Glass decor is chosen for:

ease of installation: glass panels are attached to any surface, even on top of the existing lining, wallpaper, painting;
the minimum set of mounting materials: you need only special silicone glue;
the small weight giving the chance to fix on a wall a big integral panel - with a tile it is simply impossible;
possibility of individual products to the size of a particular kitchen. We can provide slots for your sockets and switches;
exclusive design, made using different techniques: photo printing, glass painting, tinting. See samples of kitchen aprons in the catalog;
ease of cleaning - decorative glass is cleaned with familiar, non-abrasive detergents;
no visible seams, as at the joints of the tiles. This guarantees a more perfect appearance, and the absence of mold and pollution, one look at which is capable of spoiling the mood in earnest.
Apron safety is an advantage worth mentioning separately.
It is made of toughened glass M0 Pilkington, 6 mm thick. It is difficult to break it in passing, because of carelessness, a super strong blow is needed, but even so, the fragments will not fall apart, unless cracks appear. A similar effect is provided by a special film on the back of the canvas.
Glass Decor
Since the dawn of time, people have been using glass products in everyday life and already, it would seem, they are so used to it that over the years glass products in our lives become more and more. The use of glass in the interior of an apartment, home, office or commercial space can be just the highlight that will give the room a finished look and harmoniously visually combine the rest of the decor elements. To date, uses a variety of different variations as an item of full glass furniture, and with its use. Depending on the task, various types of glass are used, including colored glass in the interior and mirrors. Thus, a large number of glass structures today are actively used both for purely decorative purposes and as full-fledged interior elements. In any case, the glass in the interior will not go unnoticed by your guests and unclaimed family members.

For a certain type of products and its own thickness is necessary, it all depends on the functional purpose of the product. Let's say a glass kitchen apron can be just 5 mm thick. If you want to buy a glass floor, then here we are talking about triplex, the strength, and thickness of which is much higher, since the expected loads are also significantly higher. The same can be said about the glass columns. But the glass shelves in the interior, glass tables or a glass cabinet can already have a thickness depending on their size and tasks, say, a glass shelving should have a significantly greater thickness than a simple shelf of just one element.

The advantages of using glass in the interior:
glass is neutral in design
the interior becomes more modern and stylish
easy operation, easy to clean and dust
durability and reliability of glass.
Wonders that are made of glass

The eye-catching and incredibly stylish elevator made of rounded tempered glass will increase the attractiveness of the whole building in the face of visitors.

Glass lift mines are installed in shopping centers, business centers, and hotels, as well as in private residences.

Glass Pilkington 8 mm transparent MO, polished, with polished edges around the perimeter; safe - quenched.
Bearing substructure manufactured by PS (Ukraine), stainless steel on order, coated polished steel.
A set of hardware and consumables for the implementation of the assembly.
Guide to the assembly of the product with drawings of nodes.
Care products for glass and accessories
Change of color of a framework - powder painting in any color on a RAL palette, or a lamination under a tree.
Changing the color of accessories - powder painting in any color on the RAL palette, or lamination under the tree.
Change the type of glass (tinted in the mass, sandblasted drawing, frosted).
Elevator shaft width (B): 1800 mm
Construction height (N): 11.800 m

The stunning floor of tempered glass without reference to the size and type of glass diversifies the decoration of both the upper and lower rooms while decorating the interior of both.

Wonders that are made of glass
Pilkington triplex glass 10/10/10/mm transparent MO, with polished edges along the perimeter; safe - quenched.
Bearing substructure manufactured by PS (Ukraine), stainless steel on order, coated polished steel.
A set of hardware and consumables for the implementation of the assembly.
Guide to the assembly of the product with drawings of nodes.
Care products for glass and accessories
Resizing (up to 1600x2200mm in one segment).
Change of color of a framework - powder painting in any color on a RAL palette, or a lamination under a tree.
Changing the color of accessories - powder painting in any color on the RAL palette, or lamination under the tree.
Change the type of glass (tinted in the mass, sandblasted drawing, frosted).
Construction width (B): 750 mm
Construction length (L): 3750 mm
Size of additional window (LxB): 600 × 1150 mm
The material used is triplex (several sheets of tempered glass, connected by a film). Designing glass floors means not only creating drawings, but also visualization, considering that they are divided into “Tape”, “Window” and “Field” in design, differing in the way of fixing glass.
Glass floors are the definition of insane creative

You can buy a glass floor from many companies, but not everyone will offer:

-an art approach to creating projects in combination with engineering accuracy of calculations;
-prices for glass floors that do not scare away even in a crisis.

Glass floor designs

Glass floor options:
In this variant, a “path” of glass inserts is mounted in the usual floor. It looks spectacular with LED backlighting.

Usually, a niche is made in the middle of the room: tempered glass around the perimeter is fenced with a frame of polished steel. Usually, a niche is filled with decorative sand and other elements that can be changed over time.

Solid floor.
A full glass floor is installed above the concrete base at the desired height.

Glass overlap.
The most spectacular option in which the glass sheet is mounted on the supporting structure of stainless steel. The glass sheet becomes the ceiling for the lower room. With this option, both rooms become very bright.

Floors made of glass are a powerful architectural accent, with effect and originality with which little can compare today.

When ordering glass floors, do not limit your imagination! Glass floors with seeming simplicity can be used to implement a variety of design projects:

Glass floor designs
Glass "showcase". Glass is used as a coating for a niche in the floor in which decorative stones and sand are placed, decorations of stained glass, sea shells, fabric compositions, etc.
The illuminated glass floor is an unusual solution for your home or office. Relevant for boutiques, fashion houses, nightclubs, and restaurants.
The transparent overlap between the floors, mezzanines in rooms with high ceilings - create the effect of unlimited, bright space.
Glass floors in the bathroom - help to implement a trendy fusion design, in which glass worktops for the washbasin and other bathroom furniture are made.
Literate glass floor design solutions
You can install a glass floor during the construction of the house and during a repair. It belongs to the supporting structures, so it is subject to serious requirements for safety and durability.
Glass plates are made of multi-layer pentaplex - these are 3 glass plates produced by Pilkington with a thickness of 10 mm. They are additionally hardened by hardening, interconnected by baking in the chamber with a film of polyvinyl butyral. Total thickness - not less than 30 mm.

Depending on the floor pattern, the glass fragments can be of different sizes, with a maximum of 2200 mm x 1600 mm. This design can withstand maximum loads, is completely safe: on the floor, you can safely not just walk, but also dance and jump.

Prices for glass floors are quite high when compared with other, "classic" coatings, but this is completely offset by their uniqueness.
Glass plates and supporting elements are made in different colors. For example, in one design black, yellow, blue transparent fragments can alternate. Add lighting and get a masterpiece of designer contemporary art.

If you like bold solutions in the interior and are not afraid to experiment - the glass floor is just what you need! This stylish architectural accent is appropriate not only in shopping centers or nightclubs but also in private houses or duplex apartments.

Unique glass floor
Glass Floor
Advantages of glass floors:
glass floor
No material makes the interior as light and airy as glass. Even a small glass insert in the middle of the floor will make the room original and interesting. It can be transparent or filled with colored sand, shells and other decorative filler.

Expansion of space.
Glass floors give a feeling of infinite space and visually expand it. Owners of nightclubs and entertainment centers often refer to this architectural solution. For example, a glass floor with lighting can be the main focus of the entire interior.

Glass Floor

For the manufacture of the floor, the company uses triplex glass - these are several tempered glasses connected with a plastic film. It can withstand loads of 300 kg per square meter. The basis for the triplex can be concrete, wood, stainless steel or a combination of several materials. The whole structure is very reliable and durable so you can buy triplex for a room through which a large flow of people passes. On this floor, you can jump, run, dance, you can put heavy furniture and equipment on it.

Spectacular decor.
The glass floor offers unlimited possibilities for the most daring decor:

drawings on the glass;
filling with stones, sand, flowers and other elements;
LED lights;
an aquarium with fish in the space between the panes;
matte finish;
coated coating;
laser engraving.
You can customize the decor of the floor under the functions of the room. For example, in an office building, you can put a company logo on the glass. In the spa, transparent inserts with stones or sand will be appropriate.
You can count on us to create unique, fully customized glass additions to match the aesthetic of your home. You'll always get prompt, courteous service from our knowledgeable crew.