Glass Decor

Glass decor near the kitchen space. A kitchen apron has long become a daily necessity rather than an element of luxury. Thanks to the different options both in terms of design and decoration, you can choose for yourself your own, unique apron.

Glass kitchen apron - effective and practical
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Glass Decor
Ceramic tiles for the kitchen, with all the wealth of collections - this is still a serial product. Ornaments made from it to some extent repeated and boring. But the finish of the walls above the hob or the entire working area, made of tempered glass, gives the kitchen an original and non-standard look. 

Kitchen aprons made of glass have all the advantages of facing ceramic tiles, but they are completely devoid of its drawbacks.

Glass decor is chosen for:

ease of installation: glass panels are attached to any surface, even on top of the existing lining, wallpaper, painting;
the minimum set of mounting materials: you need only special silicone glue;
the small weight giving the chance to fix on a wall a big integral panel - with a tile it is simply impossible;
possibility of individual products to the size of a particular kitchen. We can provide slots for your sockets and switches;
exclusive design, made using different techniques: photo printing, glass painting, tinting. See samples of kitchen aprons in the catalog;
ease of cleaning - decorative glass is cleaned with familiar, non-abrasive detergents;
no visible seams, as at the joints of the tiles. This guarantees a more perfect appearance, and the absence of mold and pollution, one look at which is capable of spoiling the mood in earnest.
Apron safety is an advantage worth mentioning separately.
It is made of toughened glass M0 Pilkington, 6 mm thick. It is difficult to break it in passing, because of carelessness, a super strong blow is needed, but even so, the fragments will not fall apart, unless cracks appear. A similar effect is provided by a special film on the back of the canvas.
Glass Decor


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