Glass floor designs

Glass floors are the definition of insane creative

You can buy a glass floor from many companies, but not everyone will offer:

-an art approach to creating projects in combination with engineering accuracy of calculations;
-prices for glass floors that do not scare away even in a crisis.

Glass floor designs

Glass floor options:
In this variant, a “path” of glass inserts is mounted in the usual floor. It looks spectacular with LED backlighting.

Usually, a niche is made in the middle of the room: tempered glass around the perimeter is fenced with a frame of polished steel. Usually, a niche is filled with decorative sand and other elements that can be changed over time.

Solid floor.
A full glass floor is installed above the concrete base at the desired height.

Glass overlap.
The most spectacular option in which the glass sheet is mounted on the supporting structure of stainless steel. The glass sheet becomes the ceiling for the lower room. With this option, both rooms become very bright.

Floors made of glass are a powerful architectural accent, with effect and originality with which little can compare today.

When ordering glass floors, do not limit your imagination! Glass floors with seeming simplicity can be used to implement a variety of design projects:

Glass floor designs
Glass "showcase". Glass is used as a coating for a niche in the floor in which decorative stones and sand are placed, decorations of stained glass, sea shells, fabric compositions, etc.
The illuminated glass floor is an unusual solution for your home or office. Relevant for boutiques, fashion houses, nightclubs, and restaurants.
The transparent overlap between the floors, mezzanines in rooms with high ceilings - create the effect of unlimited, bright space.
Glass floors in the bathroom - help to implement a trendy fusion design, in which glass worktops for the washbasin and other bathroom furniture are made.
Literate glass floor design solutions
You can install a glass floor during the construction of the house and during a repair. It belongs to the supporting structures, so it is subject to serious requirements for safety and durability.
Glass plates are made of multi-layer pentaplex - these are 3 glass plates produced by Pilkington with a thickness of 10 mm. They are additionally hardened by hardening, interconnected by baking in the chamber with a film of polyvinyl butyral. Total thickness - not less than 30 mm.

Depending on the floor pattern, the glass fragments can be of different sizes, with a maximum of 2200 mm x 1600 mm. This design can withstand maximum loads, is completely safe: on the floor, you can safely not just walk, but also dance and jump.

Prices for glass floors are quite high when compared with other, "classic" coatings, but this is completely offset by their uniqueness.
Glass plates and supporting elements are made in different colors. For example, in one design black, yellow, blue transparent fragments can alternate. Add lighting and get a masterpiece of designer contemporary art.


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