Since the dawn of time, people have been using glass products in everyday life and already, it would seem, they are so used to it that over the years glass products in our lives become more and more. The use of glass in the interior of an apartment, home, office or commercial space can be just the highlight that will give the room a finished look and harmoniously visually combine the rest of the decor elements. To date, uses a variety of different variations as an item of full glass furniture, and with its use. Depending on the task, various types of glass are used, including colored glass in the interior and mirrors. Thus, a large number of glass structures today are actively used both for purely decorative purposes and as full-fledged interior elements. In any case, the glass in the interior will not go unnoticed by your guests and unclaimed family members.

For a certain type of products and its own thickness is necessary, it all depends on the functional purpose of the product. Let's say a glass kitchen apron can be just 5 mm thick. If you want to buy a glass floor, then here we are talking about triplex, the strength, and thickness of which is much higher, since the expected loads are also significantly higher. The same can be said about the glass columns. But the glass shelves in the interior, glass tables or a glass cabinet can already have a thickness depending on their size and tasks, say, a glass shelving should have a significantly greater thickness than a simple shelf of just one element.

The advantages of using glass in the interior:
glass is neutral in design
the interior becomes more modern and stylish
easy operation, easy to clean and dust
durability and reliability of glass.


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