Opening hinged floor

There’s no question about it. All of our glass floor panels are elegant. They’re all unique. They’re all designed with the client in mind, and every client is different - some have a need for our more elaborate, complicated designs, while some simply don’t require something quite as complex. These clients tend to prefer our hinged floors.

These glass floor panels offer all the ventilation and practical applications of our other glass floor products, but without any unnecessary complication in their design. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it - a hinged panel is a fantastic choice for any design project.

Fixed multi panels

At Glass Floors, we are constantly questioning the very realms of possibility when it comes to structural glazing. In doing so, it’s almost inevitable that many of our projects grow in scope and size; over the years, we’ve become masterful at large-scale projects of all kinds - if you’re looking for a glass floor to cover a big area, then look no further than our multi-panel floors.

The structural glass floor panels of these solutions are sturdy, seamlessly joined, and flawlessly designed. We believe you should never feel limited in your designs, and when it comes to planning your dream home or space, we ensure our clients never feel restricted.

Fixed ​one panel ​floor

When people refer to glass floors, a one-panel floor is probably what comes to most people's minds. No unneeded complexities. No extravagant contraptions or devices. Just pure, crystal clear glass, set seamlessly into the floor of an interior or exterior space. Elegantly simple. Beautifully executed. Our one-panel floors are all of these things, and more.

Limited only by your imagination, and practicality, these simple and refined designs add a timeless quality to your home or property. Whether you would prefer a small, subtle design, or a grandiose, attention-commanding panel, Cantifix can make it happen, and can help you make your home exceptional.

Rooflight and skylight

Structural glass rooflights and skylights provide an excellent method of introducing natural light into any room that permits. Glass rooflights tend to be less obtrusive than windows or facades whilst offering greater flexibility when designing the room.

One of the more unexpected, unusual products in our skylights - but also one of the most dynamic, a Glass Floors opening skylights is the premium way to merge interior and exterior spaces alike, and in doing so, merge your visions for your dream property with reality.


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