Glass Flooring

During the renovation many owners of houses and commercial facilities try to use as unusual materials as possible, which would make the interior of the room different from others. Glass flooring is just one of these materials because it looks quite original. And if earlier glass floors were a wonder, today it is easy to get them - you can do this, for example, by contacting Giovani Glass.

The company has a big experience in the production of various glass products.
The glass floor consists of several separate layers, which are held together with a special film. It can be of several types, and the performance of the finished material largely depends on the type of film. The top layer should always be very resistant to loads and various damages, therefore, it is made of durable tempered glass.

Valuable glass floor features
Using glass as a floor covering may not seem very attractive because glass is immediately associated with fragility. However, due to its multi-layer nature glass floor is very durable and can withstand a load of several hundred kilograms. Of course, in a room with such a floor you need to be careful, try not to drop heavy objects, etc., but with a frugal attitude glass will remain beautiful for many years.
Glass is not afraid of aggressive chemicals, moisture and temperature fluctuations, so such floor can be safely made in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Glass floor will greatly facilitate regular cleaning because it will not absorb dirt and dust, and you can use various detergents to wash it.

The glass floor looks very nice in both classic and more modern interiors. Illuminated floors, which can often be seen in restaurants, cafes and clubs, are very popular. Illumination gives a unique effect, and in combination with skillfully selected furniture and decorative objects the luminous floor becomes even more impressive.


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