Pros and cons of glass floowing

The advantages of glass flooring:
• The embodiment of the original ideas of designers, there are no restrictions here. Glass floors make the room optically more spacious and airy.
• Reliability and durability. A glass floor made from high-quality material allows withstanding loads up to 400 kg per 1 square meter of the glass coating.

• Wide application. If earlier glass floors were used in the finishing of only fashionable clubs, discos, podiums, concert halls, VIP-restaurants, and hotels, then today they can be found in cottages, private houses and even apartments of multi-storied buildings.

• The possibility of built-in illumination. Usually, glass strips are carried out around the perimeter of the room, but options are also possible to “scatter” light islands over the entire floor or to completely fill the floor space with light effects.

• Hygiene and resistance to all kinds of effects. These are the most attractive qualities of glass. It is refractory, is not exposed to chemicals, moisture-resistant, does not accumulate dirt.

The disadvantages of glass flooring.

• The main disadvantage is the high cost of production and installation. But there is a tendency to price lowering because of the increasing demand for glass floors in the market, which leads to an increase in the number of specialists and manufacturers. Giovani Glass will offer you the best prices for the highest quality.
• Slippery surface. Technologists use all sorts of techniques, for example, sandblasting machines to solve this issue, giving the surface roughness.

• Vulnerability to scratching items. Scratches appear on glass much more often than on other finishing materials. Objects made of metal and other materials harder than glass may scratch glass floors. Naturally, because of this, the appearance loses its intactness and attractiveness.
In fact, all of the above advantages and disadvantages of glass floors are quite relative, like everything else in this world. Constant changes, improvements in the dynamically developing market of building materials lead to interesting solutions to the problems associated with the use of glass in flooring. At the same time, designers have more and more new ideas.
Glass floors - an original idea to break away from ordinary boring designs.


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