Glass floor is a future of your home

Glass flooring is an ultra-modern and creative way to decorate the interior at home or in the office. The glass floor will give the room a futuristic look, will maximize the space and review of different areas of the house. The designs of such a floor are lighter than concrete and are installed more quickly. Giovani glass offers glass floors that will help you to make a house or a store truly special. Our company guarantees the quality of materials and works, as well as their durability.

Types of glass floors and their designs
Glass ceilings - this floor acts as a bearing structure between floors, can be a floor on a balcony, loggia, etc.
False glass floors - perform a decorative function in the interior design, the product, in this case, is a glass layer over a regular floor.
Glass podiums- elevated glass level, which can also be installed over the ordinary floor.
Since the glass floor must withstand large loads, we use only a particularly strong tempered glass for this purpose. For all types of floors, a multi-layered construction is required from glued hardened canvases - triplex. They can withstand active operation and loads up to 400 kg. The upper layer of a glass covering is usually made of a glass of not very large thickness, since it will need to be replaced over time with a newer to restore the aesthetic appearance of the floor. But the main construction will remain.

False floorboards can be decorated more diversely, as during their manufacture we can use decorative glass for the middle layer – you can choose the color, pattern, different textures. Glass can be transparent or matte, it can be covered with decorative films. This slightly reduces the strength of the entire structure, so such decorative effects in the carriage of glass ceilings will not work.
We also use strong bearing structures for glass flooring. This can be high-quality painted steel or stainless steel. For small decorative glass windows in the floor, wooden supports with steel fasteners can be used.


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