Glass roofing

Glass roofs are in great demand today as the glass roof gives a unique opportunity to protect the room from snow and rain and at the same time to ensure the maximum possible illumination of the room with natural light. The room with a glass roof looks light, airy, light.

Roofing is used in the construction of modern shopping centers, office buildings, winter gardens and greenhouses, swimming pools, etc. Glass roofs are also used for the atrium - a special, usually central, distribution space in public buildings, which has access to other premises of the building.
Glass roofs can be manufactures practically in any existing forms: flat and arched roofs, single and double roofs, dome, tent, skylights.
The glass roof is made of a special safety glass that can withstand large loads. For additional protection, such glass can be covered with a thin polymer film, which increases its strength. Moreover, in addition to protection from impact and damage, such a film also provides protection against excessive ultraviolet radiation, since it contains special components that reflect ultraviolet radiation.

Glass roofing shall be performed taking into account the following safety and comfort conditions:

high degree of wind and water resistance;
preventing excessive insolation (i.e., excessive irradiation with sunlight);
removal of rainwater from the outer surface of the glass roof;
removal of condensate from the inner surface of the glass roof;
preventing the formation of a snow cap;
high degree of resistance to mechanical damage (impacts, scratches).
So, in many respects, the safety of the operation of a glass roof depends on its frame - a structure that hols the load. The glass roof frame should be strong enough to withstand its own weight, glass weight, wind loads, rain and snow loads.

A skeleton is made of steel or aluminum profiles, pipes.
Glass roofing requires complex design calculations, the use of high-quality materials, high skills of workers - all these "ingredients" for the manufacture of glass roof you will always find in Giovani Glass.


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