The advantages of glass partitions

The advantages of glass partitions
glass partitions in the shopping center do not cut the area visually, do not hide, but rather expand the space, allowing you to use it harmoniously;
buyers have the opportunity to evaluate the interior of the store and go there, even if they did not initially plan;
The advantages of glass partitions
shy buyers can consider the goods in the store and still come in to examine and try it on;
the glass border between the restaurant and the children's play area allows parents to watch the children without distracting from the conversation;
the glass partition can be designed as a showcase, easily changing the exposure as needed;
you can put the logo of your company on such a partition or advertise something: people who visit your store every day or just pass by - your target audience;
absolute safety for visitors: even if the partition is destroyed, tempered glass will not hurt anyone, scattering into dust, or will be held by the film.
Material and designs of glass partitions for trade
As a rule, commercial glass partitions are made of tempered glass or triplex - materials that are absolutely reliable and resistant to vandalism. Such designs do not attract attention to themselves, completely dissolving and directing the views of customers on the exposition in the store.

With regard to installation, the private enterprise "Suspension Systems" offers several of its types:

glass installation in special plastic or aluminum profiles, and only then fastened to the walls, ceiling, and floor. This installation method is quite simple;
frameless trade glass partitions. In this case, panels and racks made of the

The advantages of glass partitions
stainless profile are installed. By the way, it is precisely these more modern frameless glass partitions that are preferred to be installed in large shopping centers with a significant flow of visitors.
trading partitions

Commercial glass partitions in the clamping profile minimize the visibility of the hardware, which is what is required for this kind of delimitation of space. Even the smallest store, rationally using the allocated space, will be able to use all of its meters for the competent organization of space and increase profits.


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