Mirror as a room modeling tool

Mirror as a room modeling tool

Mirrors in the bathroom install everything - this is an axiom. However, not everyone thinks that in addition to the utilitarian household function, mirrors are an excellent tool to give a room style, individuality, and even change the perception of its size.

Do not limit yourself to buying a standard mirror in the bathroom and hanging it over the sink. Experiment, for example with a mirror tile, alternating it with tiled, and a small room of a bathroom will be immediately filled not only with air
Mirror as a room modeling tool
Mirror as a room modeling tool
but also with light.

The same technique applies to the kitchen, even in combination with a glass kitchen apron.

Types of mirrors
There are two main types of mirrors:

with aluminum coating;
silver plated
mirrors And if we can say about the first one, that its main advantage is low cost, then silver-coated mirrors are durable, moisture resistant and high reflectance.

For example, buying a mirror in the bathroom, due to high humidity, it is recommended to choose only a silver coating, and it is desirable that the back side of the mirror be covered with a special film.
Matte, transparent or colored mirrors allow you to link them with the color solution of the interior. Not everyone knows that there are five basic shades of mirror surfaces:

The mirror in the hallway with a bronze tint in the corresponding frame will perfectly set off expensive classic furniture and create a noble effect of antiquity.


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