Requirements for the glass facade

Building insulation
Strength characteristics of the structure
The resistance of the facade to external influences
Sound insulation of the building
Requirements for the glass facade
Fireproof building
Fire resistance design.
We design glass facades of various types and shapes while choosing the optimal glass thickness for a specific project and, accordingly, a certain type of aluminum profiles and fastening systems. Thus it is possible to achieve the most effective solution from both an economic point of view and a design one. The fastening systems that we use include structural, rack-mount and spider systems, as well as frameless glazing. In addition, we have the baggage of our own developments, which can be fully considered exclusive, because they combine several types of fastening at the same time. An example of such solutions are modular ventilated facades, the design, and installation of which is quite a time-consuming process, but the result often exceeds all expectations.


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